How to Improve Your Success in Sales Telemarketing Calls

Whether you are managing a team of sales professionals or you are a telemarketer who hopes to increase your commissions, knowing the basic elements of a successful sales telemarketing call can help you close more sales with new and existing clients. By understanding how phone conversations can meet customer needs that other means of communication cannot, you can ensure that you are meeting and surpassing expectations each time you connect with a prospective client.Creating a personal connection matters. By letting potential customers know you are interested in their feedback and willing to work with them to help fulfill their needs, you can differentiate yourself from the competition. On every call, from your initial outreach to a short call for a reorder, try to ask as many open ended questions as you can. Follow your customer’s lead and allow them to tell you how they want to be helped and which services you can offer will best fit their needs.Do your best to answer any questions they ask as completely as possible. Again, one of the surest ways to make customers happy is to make them feel like they are valued and heard. If a customer asks a question you cannot answer, tell them honestly that you do not know but that you will find out. Most will be surprised if you call back within the next few hours or days with a detailed answer. It is these small courtesies upon which lasting relationships are built. If a sales representative can establish themselves as the first person a client calls with a product question, you will likely start to see more of their business coming your way.Most importantly, have something valuable to say each time you pick up the phone. Though it is important to keep in touch with your best clients, do not call if you have no new information to give them. By ensuring that each time they speak to you they will be learning something new, you will increase the chances that they continue to take your calls regularly.To improve your skill at closing sales telemarketing calls, you need to practice your listening skills as much as your closing skills.

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